ISSN : 2583-939X

Aim and Scope

World Journal of Physics (ISSN: 2583-939X) is a global, peer-reviewed open-access online journal, committed to the timely publication of original work in the Physics, applied and its related topics.  

In addition to original research, the journal encourages Review, mini review, Short Communication, Commentary, Persepective, hyspotesis, etc.  focused on a very specific topic. In addition to original research, the journal encourages review papers, including mini-reviews focused on a very specific topic. 

The topics covered by the Journal include but are not limited to: 


Applied physics, instrumentation, and technologies

Astronomy and astrophysics

Atmospheric and climate physics

Atomic and molecular physics

Biological and medical physics

Chemical physics

Computational and data science

Condensed matter physics

Cosmic rays

Fluid dynamics

Geophysics and planetology

Gravitation and cosmology

High-energy and particle physics

Machine learning


Materials science

Mathematical physics




Networks and complex systems

Nonlinear dynamics

Nuclear physics

Optics and photonics

Plasma physics

Quantum physics and quantum information

Semiconductor physics

Soft matter physics

Solar physics

Statistical physics and thermodynamics

Superconductivity and superfluidity