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What is the Q of a Blackbody?

Scientific report (Published On: 11-Jun-2024 )
What is the Q of a Blackbody?

John Ballato and Arthur Ballato

World Jour. of Phys., 2 (2):173-184

John Ballato : Clemson University

Arthur Ballato : Clemson University

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Article History: Received on: 13-Mar-24, Accepted on: 22-Apr-24, Published on: 11-Jun-24

Corresponding Author: John Ballato


Citation: John Ballato (2024). What is the Q of a Blackbody?. World Jour. of Phys., 2 (2 ):173-184



The blackbody spectrum “half-power points” are used to assign effective Q “quality factor” values that are found to be less than unity whether frequency or wavelength scaling is used. A comparison with values for coherent oscillators is made. This exercise blends two of Kirchhoff’s interests, and is instructive in its own right, as it bridges the often mutually exclusive engineering and scientific disciplines. 


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